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Yavuz Açıkel and Project processes?
Hello, dear readers. In this article, I will talk about the tasks I perform as a project manager at LST Software and the concept of execution plans in SQL Server. I hope this will be a helpful sharing.

I started my career as a software developer at Meteksan Sistem in 2006 and worked as an expert software developer at Kale Software and Innova before joining LST Software in May 2014 as a team leader. For the last three years, I have been actively involved in determining the technical architecture, code development, objectives, scope, budget, and timelines of projects, working with project teams as a project manager. While monitoring the progress of projects, I manage risks, coordinate communication by regularly sharing reports with project owners, and I am involved in both the administrative and technical aspects of the projects.

What is an execution plan and why is it important?
An execution plan is a roadmap that determines how a query will work and the cost ratio of each part in the query. When a TSQL query you send to SQL Server runs slowly, the first place to look is the query’s execution plan. The execution plan is a tool that shows how the query can be optimized.

There are two types of execution plans: estimated execution plans and actual execution plans. The estimated execution plan predicts the execution plan it will use if the query is run, without actually running the query. The actual execution plan represents the execution plan it actually used after the query was executed.

As you know, at LST Software, we carry out large-scale E-Government projects. Since our projects contain a large amount of data, the performance of the queries used in our projects is crucial. We need to utilize execution plan analysis to observe and increase query performance. With execution plan analysis, we can see which indexes the query uses, which join types it selects, which parts bring the most cost, and how it can be improved.

You can also use this information to increase the performance of queries in your projects.

During my time here, I have been involved in many successful projects and continue to do so. One of the most important criteria for being able to do successful work is undoubtedly being a team that believes, trusts, and bonds with each other. If we liken being able to do successful work to a great mechanism and think that there are gears inside this mechanism, I believe that each gear inside is of critical importance for this mechanism to work flawlessly and perfectly. I compare these gears to the individuals in our expert teams. I owe my thanks to our esteemed managers and teammates who have established the gears that run this great mechanism and prepared the groundwork for success. We are making great progress in large projects, and with the experience we have gained, I am confident that we will sign many more important projects together.

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