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In today’s world, security threats cover a wide range. In this context, security measures are of vital importance for both individual and corporate areas to maintain their activities in a healthy manner under current conditions. Being aware of this importance, LST does not focus on single-point security services but adopts an approach that focuses on all your security needs. As LST, we help you prevent potential damages by eliminating possible security threats, using the experiences of our competent staff to create safer spaces. You can benefit from the knowledge of our experienced technical team that follows up-to-date technological developments and has participated in numerous projects. You can reach us 24/7 for any requests and issues related to our solutions.


Closed-circuit security camera systems (CCTV) have become a part of our daily lives. Closely following technological developments in this field, LST contributes to the control of the areas in need by installing CCTV software systems, cameras, lenses, recorders, and monitors, which are currently the most valuable protection and management components. The most significant feature of the CCTV system is the recording of images in proportion to time. In this way;

• Monitoring thieves and dishonest employees in stores,
• Collecting evidence against false accident claims,
• CCTV systems are used to keep the goods displayed in stores that may be hundreds of kilometers apart under surveillance.

Manufacturers, public institutions and organizations, hospitals, and universities use CCTV systems to identify visitors and employees, monitor hazardous work areas, protect against theft, and ensure security in buildings and parking areas. Along with technological advancements, new usage possibilities are emerging for CCTV systems. However, it is essential to keep in mind that CCTV systems do not provide protection on their own. The users of the system must be knowledgeable about its capacity, skilled in its use, and able to respond immediately to the images and events captured by the camera. At this point, LST provides hardware procurement and installation for CCTV systems, as well as user training and technical support. LST rapidly provides image processing solutions parallel to the installed system and integrates them into both the existing system and the system to be installed for the first time.


Thermal camera systems are widely used for security purposes in military and civil areas, and they can be utilized in almost any location where heat variations can be detected. The areas of application for thermal cameras include:

• Exterior wall or roof insulation control applications
• Determining problematic areas due to air flow/leakage or humidity
• Building inspections
• “Preventive maintenance” applications in all industrial areas

Preventive maintenance refers to planned maintenance activities, such as part replacement, oil change, adjustment, and control, that are performed before failures occur while the system is operational. These activities are carried out at predetermined intervals. The aim of preventive maintenance is to increase the reliability of the system by minimizing the effects of wear, corrosion, aging, etc., over time and to reduce overall maintenance costs by minimizing unplanned maintenance. LST, in addition to its experience in this sector, continuously follows innovations and successfully implements the best solution projects tailored to your needs in every area.


X-ray devices are now seen everywhere for security purposes. They are particularly used in airports, ports, business centers, shopping malls, military facilities, public institutions and organizations, and at border crossings for scanning the interiors of trucks and other vehicles. They are used in any area that requires security to detect foreign substances, including drugs and explosives. X-ray devices can also easily reveal dangerous items such as firearms and metal objects hidden in bags, suitcases, and coat pockets through special scanning systems. In order to protect such extensive areas, it is important to properly and efficiently design X-ray and metal detectors and provide technical support to the units using these devices. LST considers this as an important area of activity and produces X-ray solutions that are suitable for the project, both fixed and portable. In addition, LST guarantees to provide all kinds of technical support during the planning and implementation stages for the integration of fixed X-ray devices and also facilitates the procurement of portable X-ray devices.


The Under Vehicle Inspection System is a security system designed for use at entry control points of military units, public institutions, and private organizations where security requirements are high. LST provides all services from the project stage to the usage phase for this security system. These systems are crucial for recording data and interpreting it in a more understandable manner. They can be mounted on the security organization either as mobile or permanent systems and allow for the viewing of objects placed under any vehicle or changes on the vehicle, automatically providing alerts.


Remotely controlled unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) are used today in intelligence, counter-terrorism, firefighting, and challenging missions for combat aircraft. The ability to control UAVs autonomously or through a ground station eliminates the need for crew and reduces the associated costs and burdens. UAVs are produced in various shapes, sizes, configurations, and characteristics, including balloons, helicopters, and aircraft. LST provides customized UAV solutions for specific needs and purposes, such as military, security, reconnaissance, logistics-cargo, research-development, civil-commercial, etc., ensuring the accurate execution of services. LST also offers user training and technical support for these devices, as it does in all activity areas.


Cities are complex structures with prominent security needs, where control and monitoring can be challenging. LST aims to contribute to city security and management by developing City Security Management System (CSMS) software. Through CSMS, LST creates smart cities, enhances manageability, and supports city administration. LST effectively provides procurement, installation, maintenance, and software support for CSMS cameras. Our projects enable:

• Monitoring traffic flow and density, evaluating images, and developing quick and effective additional measures against potential issues.
• Contributing to the resolution of incidents by examining retrospective records and securing legal evidence.
• Facilitating the assessment of stolen vehicles and other issues through traffic cameras and image processing systems querying license plates from relevant units.
• Preventing illegal incidents during meetings and demonstration marches, and protecting the relationship between security forces and the public without causing provocation.
• Enabling Command Control Center staff to direct field teams based on the information obtained from the Area Imaging and Recording System in cases of crime, theft, and other incidents requiring active pursuit.
• Supporting area imaging and recording systems during earthquakes and natural disasters, aiding in understanding the situation, damage assessment, and rescue and relief operations.
• Sending alerts to mobile personnel during important or urgent situations and providing quick and easy access to data exchange between mobile teams and police centers.


LST also offers services to ensure the technical security of open-air meetings, gatherings, or indoor meetings:

• Monitoring meetings or gatherings in open areas using remotely controlled aerial vehicles and close and distant cameras.
• Evaluating transmitted images using image processing technologies to determine potential threats.
• Determining the number of people in the area using transmitted images.

Thus, LST ensures complete environmental security for both open and closed areas. LST provides these applications, user training, and technical support following implementation.



LST provides comprehensive and efficient projects to ensure the control of high-security buildings, such as prisons, government buildings, consulates and embassies, private company buildings, and other high-risk organizations, for both employees and visitors. LST offers high-security solutions using tested and reliable products to achieve the intended level of security against potential threats from both internal and external sources. The high-security solutions provided by LST include:

• Surveillance
• Door access control
• Early warning systems
• Aerial surveillance vehicles
• Preparedness for chemical and nuclear attacks
• Security tools and systems for intelligence security


Facial recognition systems have become increasingly popular in locations where entrance security is critical. LST develops and manages systems that create the necessary database systems and perform facial comparisons. LST installs facial recognition devices that analyze specific parts of the human face and send the information to the facial recognition program to provide access permissions. Similar to fingerprints, the structure of the human face is unique and cannot be easily replicated. Facial recognition systems offer a secure and robust infrastructure for various automation applications focused on human tracking and identification.