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Integration projects require experience, trust, and dynamic work. In these projects, even the smallest errors can not only cause significant threats or financial damage to the system but also render the entire system unusable. LST, aware of this consciousness, has made it its mission to provide customer satisfaction guarantees by carrying out the projects with diligence and dedication.


In today’s business world, as the number of technology options, platforms, and applications increases rapidly, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to shape their information technologies according to corporate goals and needs. At this point, LST offers the best application installation and integration solutions with its expertise and experience in multiple platforms, hardware, and environments.



Our system room design and installation service consists of designing and installing “System Rooms” that comply with international standards for our customers. High-quality technological features are provided in the system room to be prepared according to our customers’ requests; installation of cabinets, raised floors, grounding, power and connection cabling, UTP and fiber termination, documentation, labeling, intermediate cables made according to your system’s standards, UPS and generator support for uninterrupted power, air conditioning system for cooling, IP cameras, full protection in terms of physical and technological security (face, hand, fingerprint recognition), fire detection and alarm sensors, water flooding sensors, and setting up Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) are all tested and the system room is offered as a “Turnkey” solution.



Ensuring the security of data under all conditions and maintaining business continuity is of critical importance in today’s conditions, where systems containing critical data and applications must be backed up at appropriate locations. Therefore, disaster recovery scenarios should be created to ensure the continuity of the application and to prevent data loss in cases of natural disasters or fires, and design work should be carried out considering all possible scenarios. In case the company building and critical systems become unusable or inaccessible, it is essential for a company to reactivate the systems through the Disaster Recovery Center as soon as possible. In configuring the Disaster Recovery Center, emergency needs and data are taken into account. Accordingly, the required hardware and connection technology are determined. Disaster Recovery Systems are shaped according to the existing IT infrastructure of the institution and the location of the Disaster Recovery Center. As important as all the planning and configurations related to the Disaster Recovery Center are, so is the testing of this center. LST carries out every stage of this process. Thus, all your data will be safe with the service provided by LST. If your information is important to you, LST is the right address.



In today’s world, buildings also have to keep up with technology. LST enables a building to become self-managing in terms of software and hardware. It installs systems that allow you to monitor real-time values such as temperature, humidity, and pressure in individual rooms or throughout the entire building using the necessary sensors and cameras. Even when you are outside your company or factory, these values are continuously monitored and can be transmitted to your mobile phone and instantly notified to you when desired. In case of any unfavorable developments, the necessary units are immediately alerted, and interventions can be made without human involvement based on the system’s technical infrastructure to achieve the desired optimal values.


If you want to enter the call center industry and establish a call center, LST provides you with end-to-end installation, user training, and technical support services. Just decide how many people you want to have in your call center and contact us. LST quickly delivers this service within the framework of the installation packages it offers.



LST manages the entire process, from setting up a fully equipped hospital to making all its medical devices operational. These include Angiography, Magnetic Resonance, Computed Tomography, Surgical Systems Mobile C-Arm, Mammography, Molecular Imaging, Ultrasound, Urology Systems, and Imaging IT devices, as well as providing procurement, installation, and technical services for all Laboratory Diagnostics.