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We provide solutions to your corporate needs with our user-friendly software. To increase the competitiveness of organizations and accelerate the development process, we produce solutions by analyzing your workflows, determining the appropriate architecture and software languages, ranging from custom projects to tailor-made solutions, and package solutions developed by LST Software. We focus on delivering simple, flexible, and goal-oriented results to our business partners.

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Tailor-Made Projects


LST develops geographic information systems projects for organizations and private companies according to their clients’ requests. GIS is a computer-based system used for analyzing, processing, and mapping objects and events that exist on Earth. GIS technology classifies information by utilizing databases and statistical analysis for the benefit of humanity through mapping. GIS excels in describing objects and events, predicting outcomes, and strategic planning. Due to these features, the importance, necessity, and value of Geographic Information Systems are increasingly felt, and their applications are becoming more widespread. Therefore, LST can offer smart solutions with its expert staff in GIS.


Managing and effectively utilizing the corporate information pool for companies’ and organizations’ intranet, extranet, and internet portal needs are both costly and time-consuming. LST, with its extensive software team experienced in various software platforms, seasoned business analysts, project managers, and interactive agency, provides the necessary service in Portal projects by analyzing needs and offering the most suitable solution. LST has demonstrated its leadership in this field by implementing projects such as the Presidency of Religious Affairs, Social Security Institution (SSI), and Ministry of Finance portals, which are widely used in our country.



Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is the general term for integrated management systems that enable efficient use of resources such as labor, machinery, and materials required for the production of goods and services in businesses. Over time, ERP applications have evolved from being merely integrated software for managing company operations to becoming a system that can effectively communicate with the entire value chain produced by organizations. LST believes that “ERP projects are an invaluable opportunity for companies that cannot find the opportunity to renew themselves despite changes in the world. Therefore, it is essential not to overlook the strategic importance of ERP systems by considering them merely as software.” We are ready to offer you the most suitable ERP solutions.


Companies face challenges in understanding and analyzing the extraordinary volumes of data they have collected over decades at every level of their organizations and across numerous devices. These companies need powerful business intelligence solutions capable of meeting all reporting and analysis requirements, allowing Information Technologies to meet business-related needs more effectively, in addition to self-service capabilities. LST Business Intelligence solutions provide software, tools, and training to meet this need, helping you build trust with your customers to generate higher revenue, more business, and a larger market share.


In today’s conditions, mobile technologies have become indispensable for both individuals and institutions. LST can quickly adapt to rapidly developing technology and implement your mobile solutions in the best possible way. With expert iOS and Android application developers and designers, LST can create user-friendly mobile solutions for you and provide usage training and technical support afterward.


LST develops the systems and applications you need in a way that adds value to your business by defining the architecture and workflows required by your corporate structure. LST, which operates independently of brand and platform in all its services, acts objectively to offer you the ideal solution. LST provides end-to-end solutions for various platforms, including J2EE and .NET, as well as application development and integration of applications on different systems. LST generates solutions for your needs at every stage of software projects tailored to your requests, from design to support. After the analysis phase, conceptual and visual designs of your projects are done by LST. Each interface of the application to be developed is created according to your requests and needs. The benefits of the project are determined at the beginning. After technical designs and information security designs, coding sub-steps are reflected in development versions published on the internet. You can follow your application development project, carried out with a professional understanding, from start to finish.