Project Time: March 2014
Project Location: REPUBLIC OF TURKEY


The e-Mining project, launched in 2019, has transformed into a platform where external users can perform all transactions related to mining activities step by step in an electronic environment in 2020, and the institution’s personnel can track and finalize the applications and requests electronically.
The tasks of MAPEG include:
  • Granting permits and licenses for research, exploration, and operation of natural resources, and conducting other related processes,
  • Granting rights for exploration, facility establishment, operation, and utilization of natural resources, conducting transfer, succession, division, abandonment, cancellation, mortgage, expropriation, and other restrictive rights when necessary, and keeping and preserving their registries,
  • Monitoring and inspecting activities in permit and license areas in terms of operational safety and compliance with operational projects, ensuring standardized reporting, reliable and efficient project acceptance, tracking, and management,
  • Keeping a registry related to natural resources, creating their general inventory; archiving all kinds of information and data related to the activities of natural resource right holder companies and making them available for free or at a cost when needed,
  • Managing/requiring the management of the rehabilitation of license areas, ensuring the evaluation of waste, residue, slag, balance, and scoria resulting from the production, processing, and conversion of natural resources into intermediate and end products,
  • Inspecting the obligations of public institutions and organizations and license and permit holders arising from relevant legislation to ensure efficient and effective use of natural resources, making necessary financial expenditures for the effectiveness of inspections,
  • Identifying the potential of areas in terms of natural resources and announcing the areas identified as potential, launching them for exploration licenses through tenders.