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In today’s world, it is of great importance for private and public institutions to adapt to technological advancements. In this context, security vulnerabilities arise because not all organizations can integrate the necessary technological requirements suitable for their structure. These vulnerabilities can be grouped under three main categories: systemic, software-related, and physical. As technology advances and systems grow, security vulnerabilities naturally pose a serious threat to private companies and public institutions. Aware of this reality, LST provides consulting services to all private companies and public institutions with its constantly evolving, dynamic team of consultants.


LST, a company with security awareness, has made it a fundamental principle to transfer its awareness and experience to its counterparts in the most efficient way. In this context, the technological advancement of intelligence, remote audio monitoring, and video surveillance systems has gained great importance. These types of technical surveillance jeopardize the operations and data security of public institutions, private organizations, and individuals in all areas of their social lives. Within this scope, LST provides advanced technological, expertise, and equipment services to detect microdevices used for remote surveillance and audio monitoring. LST’s expert personnel, using advanced technological equipment, locate devices placed within a room or an entire building without the knowledge of individuals, thereby preventing information leakage. With its proposed solutions, LST aims to prevent such actions of undisclosed intent and purpose, enabling its counterparts to feel secure by providing real-time countermeasures and integrating them into both existing and newly established systems.


In today’s institutions, which are defined not only by their employees but also by their customers, business partners, and shareholders, creating a secure environment regarding the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of information is of strategic importance. Ensuring information security is possible by establishing a solid security management system along with technological solutions. ISO 27001 is a standard prepared to establish an effective information security management system. LST provides all consulting services regarding your company’s information security, enabling the creation of necessary processes, documentation, and providing internal audit training to bring your company to the level where it can obtain this certificate. If you want to obtain this certificate, LST is the most reliable address you can trust.


Cybersecurity is a comprehensive set of tools, policies, security concepts, assurances, guidelines, risk management approaches, activities, training, best practices, and technologies used to protect the assets of organizations, institutions, and users in cyberspace. It encompasses all assets, information technology hardware, personnel, infrastructures, applications, services, telecommunication systems, and information transmitted and/or stored in cyberspace. LST ensures that your company performs all these activities flawlessly. Under the umbrella of cybersecurity consulting, the aim is to understand the security needs of the organization and establish systems that can predict attacks, thereby facilitating investments in the right area of cybersecurity. After outlining the general framework of consulting services, LST’s expert team maps the organization’s inventory and online presence, enabling penetration testing. These test results allow for the creation of the organization’s cybersecurity risk map and the accurate guidance of necessary security investments. This enables the organization to take direct precautions against potential cyberattacks and prevents unnecessary or weak-return expenses from negatively affecting the organization’s budget. If you value cybersecurity, LST is the right address.


LST, with years of experience and expert employees in software, quality, and hardware fields, provides personnel support to private companies and public institutions. In today’s conditions, finding experts in their respective fields requires significant time and cost. LST handles this process for your company without the need for you to search for expert personnel.


CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) consulting has become an indispensable part of software companies’ quality policies, as it is presented as a prerequisite in all software tenders in both public and private sectors today. LST provides CMMI consulting with highly skilled quality experts, helping you revise all your software processes from the analysis phase to the acceptance phase within this model’s framework. We offer necessary documentation and process training to bring your company to the level where it can obtain this certificate.


LST Software provides information technology consulting services that add value to your company’s strategic projects. Leveraging experience from successfully completed projects, we offer consulting services in the following areas:


  • Technical support
  • Network Infrastructure
  • System Installation
  • Version Upgrade
  • Determining Hardware Configuration
  • Disaster Recovery Center Design
  • Installation and Management
  • Training
  • Testing
  • Application development
  • Knowledge transfer
  • Project management