Project Time: March 2014
Project Location: Republic of Turkey
Project Client: Ministry of Trade

About Mersis

The Central Registry Record System (MERSIS) is a centralized information system designed to provide two main functions. The first function is to carry out the registration, modification, and deregistration processes of companies and commercial enterprises electronically, as well as to store the content of trade registry records and the announcements and registrations required in a regular manner and provide them in an electronic environment. The second main function is to consolidate all legal entities and other economic units (traders, professionals, professional organizations, associations, foundations, unions, chambers, federations, and their parent organizations, public institutions, and organizations) under a unique number within a single system to provide information needed by public institutions about legal entities from a single point.


MERSIS is one of the most important projects of the e-transformation process in our country and is one of the four main databases designed for public electronic services (Central Population Administration System (MERNIS), National Address Database (UAVT), Land Registry and Cadastre Information System (TAKBIS), and Central Registry Record System (MERSIS)).