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YOUR KEY SOLUTION PARTNER / Locksmith Software Technologies


We provide solutions to your corporate needs with our user-friendly software. To increase the competitiveness of organizations and accelerate the development process, we produce solutions by analyzing your workflows, determining the appropriate architecture and software languages, ranging from custom projects to tailor-made solutions, and package solutions developed by LST Software. We focus on delivering simple, flexible, and goal-oriented results to our business partners.


In today’s business world, as the number of technology options, platforms, and applications increases rapidly, it becomes quite challenging for organizations to shape their information technologies according to their corporate goals and needs. At this point, LST offers the best application deployment and integration solutions with its expertise and experience in multi-platform, hardware, and environments.


LST Software aims to develop innovative domestic products that will contribute to our country’s prominence in the field of software development, in line with its areas of expertise, by utilizing science and technology.


Integration projects require experience, trust, and dynamic work. In these projects, even the smallest errors can not only cause significant threats or financial damage to the system but also render the entire system unusable. LST, aware of this consciousness, has made it its mission to provide customer satisfaction guarantees by carrying out the projects with diligence and dedication.


In today’s world, it is of great importance for private and public institutions to adapt to technological advancements. In this context, security vulnerabilities arise because not all organizations can integrate the necessary technological requirements suitable for their structure. These vulnerabilities can be grouped under three main categories: systemic, software-related, and physical. As technology advances and systems grow, security vulnerabilities naturally pose a serious threat to private companies and public institutions. Aware of this reality, LST provides consulting services to all private companies and public institutions with its constantly evolving, dynamic team of consultants.


In today’s world, security threats cover a wide range. In this context, security measures are of vital importance for both individual and corporate areas to maintain their activities in a healthy manner under current conditions. Being aware of this importance, LST does not focus on single-point security services but adopts an approach that focuses on all your security needs. As LST, we help you prevent potential damages by eliminating possible security threats, using the experiences of our competent staff to create safer spaces. You can benefit from the knowledge of our experienced technical team that follows up-to-date technological developments and has participated in numerous projects. You can reach us 24/7 for any requests and issues related to our solutions.