iRis DVR 5

With the new iRis DVR 360° videoscope either still images or video sequences of remote visual inspections are recorded fully digital in brilliant image quality (3.5 times zoom function). Any movement of a component or the drop of a leak is displayed on the 12,7 cm (5 ") large VGA screen and saved to a SD memory card up to 32GB. In addition, the iRis DVR 360° is the world's first compact video-endoscope with a 180° rotating handle and a rotatable 180° screen. Adjust your screen for optimized view and/or rotate the scope handle for a comfortable operation of the tip articulation of the distal end, either if the user is left - or right-handed. Extremely compact dimensions, minimal weight (1.35 kg), lithium-ion-battery, 3-stage adjustable LED lightsource and the easy handling are the outstanding features of the iRis DVR 360° video-borescope. The endoscope system is available in different designs, endoscope diameters and working lengths. iRis DVR 5 Features;

  • 5" high-resolution display,
  • Monitor can be rotated by 360°,
  • Excellent image quality,
  • Ergonomic handle,
  • Integrated interchangeable lens,
  • Extra strong LED light source,
  • Temperature resistant (6 mm),
  • Precise probe control,
  • Very intensive background lighting

iRis DVR X

In the broad and modular product range of the conventional endoscopies you will find a comprehensive selection of inspection solutions for every field of application in the industrial endoscopy. All individual components as the endoscope, light source, documentation solutions and additional accessories can be combined, adjusted and extended. This allows to perfectly configure your individual system for nearly every inspection. iRis DVR X Features;

  • Xtremely large display,
  • Xtremely economical,
  • Xtreme image technology,
  • Xtremely fast and easy to use,
  • Xtremely long rechargeable battery duration,
  • Xtreme LED on the tip,
  • Xtremely transportable,
  • Xtreme background lighting

iTool DVR

n support of the many diversified industrial applications, the new iTool Videoscope System incorporates technical, mechanical and software enhancements that include the following: MPEG Video recording, Still Image Capture, 3.5X Zoom, a high capacity 32GB SD-Memory Card up, SmartChange Interchangeable Videoscopes, 2,25kg total weight, integral light source with shutter control and the advanced, menu driven, user friendly software. iTool DVR Features;

  • Documentation unit,
  • Transportable,
  • Possible to combine with all endoscopes,
  • Light source coordinated to the system,
  • High-resolution monitor,
  • VSystem compatible,
  • Video and image recorder, etc

iWC Working Chanel

Four advanced innovations are designed into resulting in extremely economical videoscope inspections. Match your budget requirements utilizing a range of image displays, image management system or documentation systems for playback, still image or video recording. - i The same modularity also applies to light sources, light source adapters and light guide cable adapters. The iSeries Videoscope can be connected with almost any light source. This modular Videoscope is scalable and may be upgraded or retrofitted to meet your evolving needs. A solution that grows with you! iWC Working Chanel Features;

  • Combination of imaging and working,
  • Excellent image quality,
  • Interchangeable lens,
  • Interchangeable tools,
  • Powerful illumination

Conventional Endoscopy - iFlex

iFlex Fiberscopes contain an optical image guide made of highly flexible, thin and parallel single fibres. A focusable ocular adjusts the optic system to the visual acuity of the viewer. Additional to the direct view objective, a side view tip adapter can be provided. iFlex Fiberscopes are available in various models;

  • Working length from 0,7m up to 3,0m,
  • Probe diameter from 2,4mm, 3,5mm, 4,0mm, 6,0mm up to 8,0mm,
  • 2-way or 4-way tip articulation

Conventional Endoscopy - MicroFlex

MicroFlex micro fibre endoscopes are developed especially for industrial applications with tight inspection apertures or small drill holes. microFlex endoscopes are ideal for inspecting small workpieces, delicate drill holes, injection tubes, turbine blades, random inspection in large series production and security relevant parts. microFlex fibre endoscopes are available in different styles: MicroFlex Fiber endoscopes;

  • probe diameter from 0,5mm to 1,8mm,
  • working length up to 2,0m,
  • custom-built versions upon request