Other Produtcs

Distance Learning Platform (DLP)

Distance Learning Platform (DLP) is a web based education platform that enables usage of different education and communication technologies together. DLP exactly meets institutions training needs that are free of time and place. It also presents both synchronous and asynchronous training tools. Besides above facilities, with the help of DLP institutions can also form an information sharing environment.

Learning Information System (LIS)

LIS is an advanced web application that provides planning and management of educational activities. LIS supports following features; Planning of target group personals’ education Preparation of educational templates Access to instructors’ and students’ information from personal database of the institution


Document Recording and Tracking software has client server architecture. It uses MS SQL Database as Database Management System and MySQL ODBC Driver for database connection. User interfaces and reports are developed by Filemaker. This software can be deployed by instutions without making significant changes in computer infrastructure or human resources used in document recording or tracking systems.